Don't Look Back In Anger

For my final portfolio, I used tumblr to present my fulfillment of the 7 learning goals as blog posts. For page breaks, I used a combination of pictures of chapter pages from books and gifs from tumblr to represent my field (English studies) and my medium (tumblr). Enjoy! - Julia Piper
Credit to Oasis for the title.

Dec 5

Learning Goal #5

Confidence and facility with the processes of revision.

I’m going to be honest here: I really don’t like revisions. I’m just not a fan. I edit as I go along, and once I’ve written something it feels final to me. Ever since I moved from writing my first drafts on the computer rather than on a piece of paper (with an actual pen!), the backspace function has become my best friend. My revisions are much more immediate, and I end up rewriting sentences as I write them. This is the first college class I’ve taken where drafts were required. As I noted in my Unit 1 response letter, I struggled with totally revising my work at the beginning. I had a hard time following suggestions to make major changes to my first draft because I didn’t really want to do all the work that goes into major edits. But, when I got to Unit 2, I started to learn the importance of multiple drafts. The first time around, I didn’t really understand what the literature review was asking me to do. After reading and reviewing my peers papers, I gained a better understanding of the assignment. I think it helped to read literature reviews outside of my field, because I couldn’t find very good examples in English studies online. My Unit 2 response letter reflects my newfound appreciation for revision; I really paid attention to my peer reviews because, after reviewing others’ work, I knew I hadn’t done a good job on the first draft. I’m honestly a little embarrassed by that first draft; I was cutting it pretty close with the deadline on that one, and I basically just said, “Screw this, it’s only a first draft.” Maybe that’s my problem? I’m not used to writing multiple drafts, so I treated my Unit 1 first draft like a final draft. I don’t know. That sounds like a bad excuse for writing less than stellar first drafts, but it did help me gain a better understanding of the importance of the revision process.